• Image of Tahnyu Phoenix collector's print
  • Image of Tahnyu Phoenix collector's print
  • Image of Tahnyu Phoenix collector's print

My original art autographed on authentic lotus paper ( papyrus) from Egypt.
Enjoy the look and feel of an ancient scroll. Slight rips and imperfections intact.
size 11" x 15.5"

OR the white gold angel version of Tahnyu as a glossy poster
size 18"x 24"
allow up to 2 weeks for the poster to ship. ( no fee)

The lotus paper print will ship within 4-6 days


Tahnyu is a character from my graphic storybook titled 'Tye'. A tale of Angels and Demons whom are as human or more than average. ~Adofo

I would like you to forgive me for being selfish and for not listening...

I want you...

I want to be wanted

(A pause)

I have a secret to tell you.

Oh yeh,What is it? (leaning in closer)

I was just thinking about the first time i met you in the prison and how I smiled.
I knew why I was smiling and the universe knew but no one else really knew.

oh yeh...

Shhh, my secret is locked in a box in my mind.

Lend me your key then....
i'll just peek.

No need, we are both ...unlocked here.( giggles)

( tahnyus and mantats orgasmic vibration resounds)


( gets serious)

When I first saw you I was in so much pain. in that hell. I was preparing to leave my body, forever...
Until I saw your secret smile only meant for me.
It was in your eye more than your mouth. In the darkest part. Like a single star shimmering in the nights expanse. It was enough to ignite my desire to continue my strong.

Yes.That’s what it’s for.

I want to marry that secret smile of yours.
It is the most beautiful non-touch in sacred places.
I saw your spirit FULLY that first day, a beautiful sight.
I wanna kiss your feet now. You have me excited and delighted woman.

i want to eat you until you explode into a million stars
and kiss you back into formation

TAHNYU: You always make me feel wanted. That means so much to me.
You shower me with affection and I soooooo appreciate it!

Mantat AND Tahnyu
I’m so glad that you came back to save me.

(They both laugh at the coincidental synchronicity)