I am looking to capture the phenomenal, sacred and often intimate space where higher potential is newly recognized. The seeded passion and exuberance that HUMANS EXUDE when feeling fully loved, safe and protected. This delicate honesty, openness, this warm lava moment is what i would like to showcase. Its the calm moment before pure bliss. Perhaps the enlightened instant before or After seeing God.

Only the acutely aware can walk these sacred paths and de-mystify the mysterious. I walk for you and your unborn potential. Showing you that the invisible world is just as real as the visible...purifying the mysterious and inking it illustrious.

I am interested in the face you show to trusted lovers, lifelong friends, soulmates, beloved children, the sky, the Sun....AND YOUR TRUEST SELF.
I'll sculpt this series to be unlike the norm and stand on its own as a unique gift to mankind.

Thank You in advance for feeling and supporting OUR truth...through Lines and Color.
I'm honored and at your service.