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Want to see a character you have for a story you’re working on fully fleshed out?
This service will provide you with a thorough professional character study that can be used for comic books, storyboards, animations, graphic novels, you name it.
Here’s what you get: Body: Front and back.
Head shots: Profile, straight on, 3 quarters
Follow these easy steps to get to a full character study. You’ll obtain the rights to your character and maybe even one day submit them to an art studio to be animated.
Here’s how to get started.

1) Click and purchase this service

2) Fill out this bio for a quick character description:

Eye color:
Weight/ Build: (ex. petite, obese)
ethnicity/ skin color:
Style of clothing/ props: ( ex: 70’s casual, diamond crested walking cane)
Abnormal features: (scars, cyber arm etc)

All info is useful. The best characters have fully developed timelines.
Feel free to send reference pics of everything.
(The more data I have the better. )
Send bio to adofoillustrations@gmail.com

Once I process all the info we start the fun part. Character building!

3) Posing: I’ll send you 3 pose options. Pick 1.

4) Pencils: I’ll begin sketching character in full regalia and submit it to you and we’ll go back and forth tweaking the characters detail. This process requires swift and timely correspondence. Once we’re done…

5) Inks and Color to Finish.
The entire process can take days to weeks so prepare to be present and remember to have fun.

I look forward to making your dreams come true through illustration.
Thanks again for sharing your dreams.

average time to completion is 2-3 weeks per character

By purchasing this service you agree to allowing the artist to keep the original drawings and to use the finished digital drawings for ad purposes that perpetuate this service only.
Thanks again.

click on 'Accessory' for every added NFT item ( ex. sunglasses, hat etc)

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