• Image of B&W original art Ed&Dre Backupoff me comic insert

After years of storage Adofo makes this piece of hip hop history available to the public.

Roland Laird and his Posro Comics staff including Adofo Illustrations were guests on Yo! MTV Raps with Ed Lover and Dr. Dre in May 1992. They did three segments. Booked on the show by fledgling publicist Taneshia Nash Laird had the idea to do a mock comic book cover featuring Ed & Dre which Adofo did work on and it totally tripped them out because they weren't expecting and from that point on our mock comic book cover hung on the set of Yo! MTV Raps.

Years later when Ed & Dre got a record deal they made their label search for the guy that did the mock comic cover. After a few meetings with the art director and Ed & Dre we were tasked with a new and improved version with a 'mic gun' conversion.
Adofo and Ernie toiled on deadline to produce a cover. Ernie illustrated the cover while Adofo completed the back cover illustration and inside comic insert.
Here is the existing pages of the original art for sale.

size: 12x12 inches

1) Medium: Black ink on bristol

Subject: Ed and Dre courier service scene

2) Medium: Black Ink on Acetate

Subject: Ed Dre original cover

3) Medium: Color Ink on Acetate

Subject: Ed Dre rooftop w pigeon

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