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Chris Obiyah's rites of passage series presents book 1 'The Kandake's Amulet'

The coming of age adventures of Chris Obiyah and his grandfather Alpha as Chris begins his rites of passage into manhood. A twelve year old Chris Obiyah becomes interested in his family's heritage after a chance meeting with his estranged grandfather Alpha. As Chris spends more time with Alpha he learns about his family history and cultural traditions. With help and guidance from Alpha, Chris embarks on a spiritual coming of age journey which opens his eyes to a whole new world of mystical wonders and supernatural perils.
Reading level age 10 to teen and up,
size 6 x 9 in . 147 pages author: Tajh Abdulsamad, cover art Mshindo Kuumba,
inside art by ADOFO
pages aren't numbered.


Light as a Feather 42 laws of Maat for Children
Ancient Kemetic principles for righteous behavior in a high civilization made plain and fun.
reading level toddler to age 9
full color, 8.5 x 8.5 in., 32 pages
author Kajara Nia Yaa Nebt Het, Art by ADOFO

Leger Comme Une Plume 42 Ideaux de Maat pour Enfants
( French version of Light as a feather)